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"We want to redefine what is a concert. There will be many references to mythology. A journey through the cultures." - Shakira

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Tour Fijacion Oral

Location León, Spain
Date Tuesday 20 June, 2006
Venue Antonio Amilivia stadium
Attendance 20000 people
Capacity 20000 people
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Special comments Concert in León took place on June 20 at the Antonio Amilivia stadium.

Shakira modified the lyrics of the first song Estoy Aqui: "Estoy aquí y siento que... Estoy en León y siento que...".

It was one of the biggest and best concerts in León for years with over 20 000 people in the audience.

Shakira's stage outfits for this tour are simple, but effective.

She starts the concert in black pants and black top. For the song "No" she changes into red dress with big wings which have a big part in the song's choreography. After the song she changes into her bellydance outfit for "Suerte" - silvery bra and purple pants. After that she changes back to black pants and green top. For last two songs Shakira changes into bellydance outfit again.

She remains barefoot throughout the whole concert.

Since the accredited photographers are allowed to take pictures only during couple of first songs on official concert pictures Shakira always appeares wearing the first outfit - black pants and black top. Other outfits can be seen on the pictures which fans have taken from the concerts.
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