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Shakira will begin her Sale El Sol / The Sun Comes Out World Tour in September. At the tour center we will keep you up to date with all the tour dates. There is a tourcenter box on the right of the page, which contains the next 10 concert dates and locations.

"We want to redefine what is a concert. There will be many references to mythology. A journey through the cultures." - Shakira

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Tour Fijacion Oral

Location Mumbai, India
Date Sunday 25 March, 2007
Venue MMRDA grounds,Bandra kurla complex
Attendance 23000 people
Capacity 23000 people
Prices Rs 2,650 and Rs 3,650
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Special comments Shakira's performance was the second most expensive concert in India. The first was Michael Jackson.

This show made front page news at Yahoo.com:

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