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Shakira will begin her Sale El Sol / The Sun Comes Out World Tour in September. At the tour center we will keep you up to date with all the tour dates. There is a tourcenter box on the right of the page, which contains the next 10 concert dates and locations.

"We want to redefine what is a concert. There will be many references to mythology. A journey through the cultures." - Shakira

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Tour of the mongoose

Location Santo Domingo, Dom.Rep.
Date Tuesday 06 May, 2003
Venue Estadio Quisqueya
Prices 10,000 pesos, 5,000 pesos, 700 pesos, 450 pesos, 350 pesos (United States Dollar $434.00 USD, $217.00 USD, $30.40 USD, $19.50 USD, $15.21 USD)
Special comments The $434.00 USD section was the first section to sell out. (source)

This was the most expensive concert in the history of the Dominican Republic. (República Dominicana experimentó el concierto más caro de su historia con la presentación de Shakira.)

10,000 VIP diamond ($434.00 USD)
5,000 platinum ($217.00 USD)
700 terreno ($30.40 USD)
450 palcos ($19.50 USD)
350 preferencia ($15.21 USD)

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