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Shakira will begin her Sale El Sol / The Sun Comes Out World Tour in September. At the tour center we will keep you up to date with all the tour dates. There is a tourcenter box on the right of the page, which contains the next 10 concert dates and locations.

"We want to redefine what is a concert. There will be many references to mythology. A journey through the cultures." - Shakira

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Tour Fijacion Oral

Location Barcelona, Spain
Date Wednesday 28 June, 2006
Venue Palau Sant Jordi
Attendance 18000 people
Capacity 18000 people
Pictures ShakiraGallery
Special comments Concert in Barcelona took place on June 28 in Palau Sant Jordi to the sell-out crowd of 18 000.

Shakira spoke to the audience in Catalan language (Barcelona is the capital of Catalunya) and said that she is also part catalan - her last name Ripoll is more catalan than bread with tomato (catalan traditional food).

The whole visual concept of the tour - stage design, light show, animated images and videos - were created in Barcelona. Catalan genius photographer and Shakira's close friend Jaume de Laiguana, who also directed Shakira's videos for "No", "Don't Bother" and "Dia de Enero" was the head of the creative design team.

Visual effects are simple but beautiful and well thought out.

At the beginning of the concert Shakira appears as a big shadow projected on the curtain which hangs down from the ceiling in the middle of the stage. After the curtain disappears, Shakira appears, in flesh and blood.

Later, during the Obtener Un Si the curtain appears again and this time the shadow's of the string orchestra are projected on it, creating the impression that they are just there, behind the curtain.

Light show and images do not take away your focus from Shakira but add nice texture to the concert.
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