Date Links
Dec 3rd Shakira appeared at UNICEF 50th Anniversary Gala, Los Angeles, USA --
Oct 24th Shakira is appointed a Good Will Ambassador fo UNICEF --
Oct 10th Shakira wins a Best Latin Female Award at World Music Awards in Monaco --
Sep 12th Shakira wins a Luna Award as the Best Latin Pop Artist (Mexico) --
Aug 18th Shakira appeared in Sotogrande, Malaga, Spain to present the new Chrysler Golf Tournament --
Jun 20th Shakira and Antonio visit Madrid to participate in the christening of the friends' third child (Pepe Arroso and Monica Silva) --
Jun 12th Shakira visits Lebanon: cities of Beirut and Zahle --
May 24th Shakira wins 2 Alma Awards --
May 11th TOTM finishes in Caracas, Venezuela (Shakira gave 61 TOTM concerts in 24 countries) --
May 11th Shakira wins an Amadeus Award for the best song of the year (Whenever, Wherever) in Austria --
May 8th TOTM is in Valencia, Venezuela --
May 6th TOTM is in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic --
May 6th Shakira wins BMI latin song of the year with Suerte (Whenever Wherever) --
May 3rd TOTM is in Buenos Aires, Argentina --
May 1st TOTM is in Punta Del Este, Uruguay --
Apr 27th TOTM is in Lisbon, Portugal --
Apr 25th TOTM is in Madrid, Spain --
Apr 22nd TOTM is in Rotterdam, Netherlands --
Apr 21st TOTM is in Antwerpen, Belgium --
Apr 17th TOTM is in Milan, Italy --
Apr 14th TOTM is in Hamburg, Germany --
Apr 13th TOTM is in Berlin, Germany --
Apr 10th TOTM is in Stockholm, Sweden --
Apr 6th TOTM is in Munchen, Germany --
Apr 4th TOTM is in Frankfurt, Germany --
Apr 2nd TOTM is in Zurich, Switzerland --
Mar 31st TOTM is in Vienna, Austria --
Mar 30th TOTM is in Vienna, Austria --
Mar 28th TOTM is in Paris, France --
Mar 22nd TOTM is in San Juan, Puerto Rico --
Mar 15th TOTM is in Barranquilla, Colombia --
Mar 13th Tour of the Mongoose is #1 Concert Tour (average gross sales) --
Mar 12th TOTM is in Bogota, Colombia --
Mar 9th Shakira performs Inevitable at Escalera A La Fama Show in Argentina --
Mar 8th TOTM is in Santiago, Chile --
Mar 5th TOTM is in Lima, Peru --
Feb 28th TOTM is in Quito, Ecuador --
Feb 25th TOTM is in El Paso, USA --
Feb 23rd TOTM is in Albuquerque, USA --
Feb 20th Que Me Quedes Tú is #1 on Top Billboard Hot Latin Tracks --
Feb 19th TOTM is in Panama City, Panama --
Feb 17th Shakira wins Echo Award as the Best Pop Female Artist in Germany --
Feb 15th TOTM is in Mexico City, Mexico --
Feb 14th TOTM is in Mexico City, Mexico --
Feb 13th The One is #2 on TRL --
Feb 12th TOTM is in Monterrey, Mexico --
Feb 11th TOTM is in Monterrey, Mexico --
Feb 9th TOTM is in Guadalajara, Mexico --
Feb 8th TOTM is in Guadalajara, Mexico --
Feb 6th TOTM is in Laredo, USA --
Feb 5th TOTM is in Laredo, USA --
Feb 2nd TOTM is in Oakland, USA --
Jan 31st TOTM is in Phoenix, USA --
Jan 28th TOTM is in Denver, USA --
Jan 25th TOTM is in Las Vegas, USA --
Jan 23rd TOTM is in San Antonio, USA --
Jan 22nd TOTM is in Houston, USA --
Jan 20th TOTM is in Dallas, USA --
Jan 18th TOTM is in Chicago, USA --
Jan 18th Shakira wins 3 NRJ Awards (France) --
Jan 8th Tour of the Mongoose makes Billboard Top 10 Tours --