Date Links
Dec 19th Shakira distributes 10,000 pairs of shoes to kids in need (in cooperation with Reebok), Barranquilla, Colombia
Dec 16th TOTM is in London, England
Dec 14th Shakira perfoms Objection (Afro-Punk) at Uno Di Noi Show, Italy
Dec 12th TOTM is in Cologne, Germany
Dec 10th TOTM is in Barcelona, Spain
Dec 7th Shakira perfoms Objection (Afro-Punk) at Wetten Dass Show, Vienna, Austria
Dec 7th Shakira perfoms Whenever, Wherever at ITV Record of the Year, London, UK
Dec 2nd TOTM is in Miami, USA
Nov 30th TOTM is in Boston, USA
Nov 28th TOTM is in Toronto, Canada
Nov 27th TOTM is in Montreal, Canada
Nov 25th TOTM is in Uniondale, USA
Nov 24th TOTM is in Philadelphia, USA
Nov 22nd TOTM is in Detroit, USA
Nov 20th TOTM is in New York, USA. Shakira falls on stage.
Nov 16th TOTM is in El Paso, USA
Nov 15th TOTM is in El Paso, USA
Nov 14th Grandes Exitos debuts at #1 on Billboard Latin Albums
Nov 13th TOTM is in Anaheim, USA
Nov 13th TOTM is in Los Angeles, USA
Nov 10th TOTM is in San Jose, USA
Nov 8th Tour of the Moongoose (TOTM) starts in San Diego, USA
Nov 1st Shakira wins Ondas Award in Spain --
Oct 28th Shakira wins Ritmo Latino Award for Best Video --
Oct 24th Shakira wins 5 Latin VMA Awards and performs Inevitable
Oct 9th Shakira and Antonio De La Rua meet Hipólito Mejía, President of Dominican Republic
Oct 5th Objection at CD:UK Show is aired
Sep 18th Shakira wins a Latin Grammy Award and performs Que Me Quedes Tú
Aug 30th Objection is #1 on TRL --
Aug 29th Shakira performs Objection (afro-punk version) at MTV Video Music Awards
Aug 6th Shakira performs Underneath Your Clothes on Hitmachine Show
Jul 23rd Shakira releases new Pepsi ad.
Jul 20th Shakira performs Suerte at Música Si show --
Jul 19th Shakira visits TRL and premiers Objection on the show
Jul 18th Shakira wins VIVA Comet Award as a the Best International Newcomer of the Year (Germany) --
Jul 16th MTV features Shakira on Making the Video and premiers Objection
Jul 11th Shakira performs Underneath Your Clothes on Pepsi Chart Show
Jul 9th Shakira visits Wild 95.5FM Radio, West Palm Beach, USA --
Jul 8th Underneath Your Clothes is #1 in the Netherlands --
Jul 7th Shakira performs in concert in Party in the Park London , UK
Jul 6th Shakira performs at Festivalbar Show (Anfiteatro Romano), Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
Jul 6th MTV Unplugged DVD debuts at #9 on Billboard music video chart
Jul 5th Shakira performs at Goldene Europe Awards (Germany)
Jul 4th Laundry Service is #1 in Japan --
Jul 1st Shakira performed Pies Descalzos and Underneath Your Clothes on Domindo Legal Show, Brazil
Jul 1st Shakira performs Underneath Your Clothes on Hebe Show, Brazil
Jun 28th Shakira performs at Ivo Niehe Show, Netherlands --
Jun 27th Shakira appears at Radio 538, Netherlands --
Jun 22nd Shakira appears atCD:UK Show --
Jun 22nd Shakira performs in B96 Summer Bash Concert, Chicago --
Jun 19th Shakira performs at Club Med Show, Canada --
Jun 17th Shakira performed Whenever, Wherever, Fool, Objection at Musique Plus Show, Canada
Jun 16th Shakira wins 2 Much Music Awards for best international video for Whenever, Wherever and Favarite International Artist
Jun 12th Shakira performs at Kaivopuiston Helsinki, Finland
Jun 11th Shakira has her own computer virus --
Jun 10th Shakira visits Los 40 Principales Radiostation, Spain --
Jun 7th Shakira performs UYC and WW at Ivo Niehe Show in the Netherlands --
Jun 2nd Shakira performs in Z100 Zootopia Show (East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA)
Jun 1st Shakira performs at KISS FM 108 Radiostation Concert, Boston, USA --
Jun 1st Shakira at Caldeirao do Huck Show, Brazil --
May 31st Shakira performs on NBC Today Show
May 30th Laundry Service is certified 3 Times Platinum in the US --
May 29th Underneath Your Clothes is #1 on Much Music countdown --
May 25th Shakira has the longest-running No. 1 single in Swiss chart history (17 weeks) --
May 23rd Shakira performs on VH1 Divas Las Vegas 2002
May 19th Underneath Your Clothes is #1 in Australia --
May 16th Shakira performs at NHK Music Cocktail in Japan
May 10th Shakira wins Latin Billboard Viewers Choice Award --
May 5th Shakira leaves Australia --
May 3rd Shakira performs at Rove Show, Australia
May 2nd Cement Incident: Shakira appears at Westfield Shopping Center in Hurstville (Sydney, Australia) to promote Laundry Service.
May 2nd Shakira appears at Cadmus Restaurant, Circular Quay (Sydney, Australia) --
May 1st Shakira appears at Radiostation Hot 30 Stars, Australia --
Apr 27th Shakira appears at Virgin Megastore (Melbourne, Australia) to promote Laundry Service --
Apr 23rd Shakira performs in Japan --
Apr 20th Underneath Your Clothes is #1 on MTV Top 20 videos (Video most played) --
Apr 19th Shakira performs on Music Station in Japan
Apr 17th Shakira performs Dude Looks Like a Lady on MTV Icon tribute to Aerosmith
Apr 15th Shakira wins Best New Artist Award at the Holland TMF Awards --
Apr 11th Shakira performs Underneath Your Clothes on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Apr 7th Laundry Service is #2 in Europe --
Mar 28th Shakira performs at 2002 TV Week Logies Awards in Australia --
Mar 26th Underneath Your Clothes is #1 in New York --
Mar 25th Shakira performs Underneath Your Clothes (acoustic) on Regis & Kelly
Mar 25th Shakira performs Underneath Your Clothes (acoustic) on TRL
Mar 20th Te Aviso Te Anuncio is #5 in Los Angeles 97.5 FM --
Mar 17th Shakira performs Suerte and Te Dejo Madrid at Gala Miss España
Mar 16th Whenever Wherever is #1 on World Airplay TOP100 --
Mar 16th Shakira performs Underneath Your Clothes on Mad TV
Mar 14th Shakira performs Ojos Así at National Beauty Contest in Turkey
Mar 12th Shakira is interviewed on Fun Radio (Paris, France) --
Mar 12th Shakira performs at C'est Show in France
Mar 11th Shakira is featured on C'est Show (France) --
Mar 9th Shakira performs at Bravo Supershow in Germany and gets an OTTO Award --
Mar 7th Shakira performs at San Remo Festival, Italy --
Mar 4th Shakira is featured on VH1 Being
Mar 4th Shakira opens ceremony of the World Music Awards in Montecarlo by performing Objection (Tango) --
Mar 2nd Shakira performs in Germany: Leipzig Wetten Dass --
Mar 1st Shakira performs in Germany: The Dome 21 Show --
Feb 27th Shakira performs at Edisson Music Awards, The Netherlands --
Feb 24th Fool is selected as the soundtrack for the German soap opera Alicia --
Feb 24th Shakira appears as a guest on a Mexican tv show Al Fin De Semana
Feb 19th Shakira visits Mexico to promote her album and performs on Otro Rollo Show
Feb 18th Shakira gives interviews to press in Mexico
Feb 12th Whenever Wherever is #1 in Russia --
Feb 11th Underneath Your Clothes debuts at #4 on MTV's TRL --
Feb 7th Whenever Wherever is #1 in New Zealand --
Feb 7th Shakira performs live on TRL and premieres Underneath Your Clothes on the show
Feb 7th Shakira wins a Premio Lo Nuestro on the Pop category --
Feb 6th Whenever Wherever is #1 in Norway --
Feb 6th Whenever Wherever is #1 in Poland --
Feb 5th MTV features Shakira on Making the Video and premiers Underneath Your Clothes
Feb 5th Shakira performs live on David Letterman Show
Feb 4th Whenever Wherever is #1 in Holland --
Feb 4th Whenever Wherever is #1 in Italy --
Feb 3rd Whenever Wherever is #1 in Australia --
Feb 3rd Shakira visits Sondagsoppet Show, Sweden --
Feb 2nd Shakira is 25 years old --
Jan 31st Whenever Wherever is #1 in the UK --
Jan 31st Whenever Wherever is #1 in Sweden --
Jan 31st Laundry Service is certified Double Platinum in the United States --
Jan 28th Shakira appears at Operacion Triunfo, Spain, and performs Suerte --
Jan 23rd Whenever Wherever is #1 in Germany --
Jan 22nd Shakira performs "Whenever, Wherever" at Viva Interaktiv Show, Germany
Jan 20th Shakira promotes Laundry Service in Europe --
Jan 20th Shakira performs Whenever, Wherever on "Nür die Liebe Zählt" on SAT1 in Germany.
Jan 18th Whenever Wherever is #1 in Canada --
Jan 17th Te dejo Madrid video is filmed in Spain
Jan 12th Shakira is poked on a Whenever Wherever parody at MadTV --