Date Links
Sep 6th Shakira is a presenter at the MTV VMA 2001
Sep 5th Suerte is # 1 in Colombia --
Sep 5th Shakira is interviewed in New York (103.5 KTU) --
Sep 5th Shakira visits Amor 93.1 FM Radiostation, NYC --
Sep 3rd Suerte/Whenever Wherever Video is filmed on Universal Studios, Los Angeles --
Aug 31st Suerte hits the top 10 in Los Angeles (97.5 FM) --
Aug 26th Whenever Wherever is heard for the first time in Bogota, Colombia (La Mega) --
Aug 24th Suerte is heard for the first time in TJ Mexico (107.3 FM) --
Aug 4th Laundry Service chosen as name for album --
Jul 31st New Album (Laundry Service) Lyrics and Music finished --
Jul 3rd English Pepsi Ads start airing on the US TV
Apr 14th Shakira wins a Gardel Award as the Best Latin Singer --
Apr 6th Shakira Signs Multiyear Agreement with Pepsi --
Apr 6th Shakira Wins a Billboard Latin Music Award for the Best Latin Album (MTV Unplugged). Edgar García Ochoa publishes his book about Shakira --
Mar 1st Shakira attends Emilio Estefan's birthday party at Bongo's restaurant, Miami
Feb 21st Shakira wins Grammy (Pop Latin Album - MTV Unplugged)
Feb 20th Grammy week in Los Angeles --
Feb 9th Shakira wins 2 Lo Nuestro Awards for the Best Rock Performance and the Album of the Year. She was not present at the ceremony --
Feb 2nd Birthday party in Miami --
Jan 22nd Attending the wedding of her brother Alberto Mebarak in Barranquilla, Colombia. --
Dec 29th Shakira performs at Noche De Fiesta, Spain (pre-recorded) --
Dec 19th Shakira performs at Los Angeles Jingle Ball --
Dec 18th Shakira performs at New York's Miracle on 34th street --
Dec 16th Shakira performs at Miami Y100 Jingle Ball --
Dec 13th Laundry Service is Platinum in the U.S --
Dec 7th Shakira performs at Regis & Kelly Show --
Dec 3rd Whenever Wherever is # 1 in Brazil --
Dec 1st Shakira performs Whenever Wherever live at Saturday Night Live Show. After that she attends the after show.
Nov 30th Whenever Wherever is # 1 in New York --
Nov 29th Shakira is featured on the Today Show --
Nov 23rd Shakira performs on Superpositivo Show in Brazil --
Nov 23rd Shakira performs Pies Descalzos & UYC on Domingo Legal Show in Brazil.
Nov 23rd Shakira visits Jovem Pan Radiostation , Brazil --
Nov 23rd Shakira visits Radiostation Metropolitana 98 FM, Brazil --
Nov 20th Laundry Service debuts #3 on sales (Billboard 200) --
Nov 17th Shakira performs live at Tower Records in Los Angeles --
Nov 15th Shakira performs Whenever Wherever live on The Tonigh Show with Jay Leno --
Nov 15th Whenever Wherever is # 1 in Montreal, Canada --
Nov 15th Shakira appears at the album launch of Mick Jagger
Nov 14th Shakira makes an appearance at Spec's Music Store in South Beach, Florida
Nov 14th Univision chat and interview
Nov 14th Shakira meets Argentinean pop band Bandana
Nov 13th Shakira performs Whenever Wherever live at Rossie O'Donnel Show --
Nov 13th In store appearance at The Wiz, New York City
Nov 13th Radio interview at Amor 93.1 FM
Nov 12th Laundry Service Release Party in New York
Nov 9th Shakira performs live WW at TRL in New York broadcasted by MTV
Nov 1st Whenever Wherever is # 1 in Turkey --
Nov 1st Shakira visits Amor 93.1 FM Radiostation, NYC --
Oct 26th Shakira performs Whenever Wherever live at Radio Music Awards in Las Vegas
Oct 13th Shakira sings in El ultimo Adios, a tribute song from famous latin singers
Oct 11th Shakira in Spain premiers at Gala Hispanidad --
Oct 11th Shakira sets MTV record. Video in Spanish and English playing on MTV --
Oct 10th Shakira performs Suerte and Te Dejo Madrid at Musica Si
Oct 6th Shakira released Laundry Service to the media in Colombia. --
Oct 5th Whenever Wherever music video premiered on MTV --
Oct 1st Shakira performs Suerte on "Sabor a Ti" --
Sep 27th Shakira is interviewed in Los Angeles (KIIS FM) --
Sep 27th Suerte is # 1 on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks --
Sep 26th Whenever Wherever is # 1 in Venezuela --
Sep 10th Underneath Your Clothes is heard for the first time. Los Angeles (107.5 FM) --