Date Links
Dec 31st Shakira and Antonio celebrate the New Year in Morocco --
Dec 24th Shakira and Antonio celebrate Christmas in Vienna --
Dec 2nd Attending a polo tournament in Buenos Aires
Sep 13th Shakira wins 2 Latin Grammys: for The Best Pop Female Vocal Performance and The Best Rock Female Vocal Performance. Shakira performs Ojos Así.
Sep 13th Latin Grammy Nominee celebration
Sep 11th LARAS Person of the Year Awards and dinner
Sep 7th Shakira accepts Video de la Gente award for Ojos Asi video at MTV VMA --
Sep 1st Working on new album in Punta del Este --
Aug 15th Shakira & Antonio go to ski in Chapelco while on vaction.
Aug 14th Shakira and Antonio take tango lessons at school of tango "Torquato Tasso" in San Telmo.
Aug 12th Visiting Antonios family in La Quinta de Pilar
Jul 1st Vacationing in Bahamas
May 28th Dinner at restaurant "Vel Polo", Lincoln Road, Miami - May
May 28th Vacationing in Miami --
May 28th Shakira goes to restaurant Coconut Grove with Antonio for lunch
May 27th Going to the beach in Miami with Antonio
May 26th Shakira and Antonio shopping at Bal Harbor Mall in Miami
May 21st Shakira arrives in Buenos Aires after a short stay in Bariloche.
May 19th Shakira plays tennis at hotel Llao Llao with a trainer
May 15th Vacationing in Bariloche --
May 14th Vacationing in Bariloche --
May 13th Concert afterpary in El Divino (Argentina, Buenos Aires)
May 12th Playing tennis with Guilermo Vilas
May 12th Date with Antonio in a restaurant --
May 11th Partying with Beto Cuevas and Mana in Buenos Aires
May 5th Shakira wins a Lo Nuestro Award (Miami, FL) but she was not present --
Apr 22nd Anfibio Tour finishes in Miami, USA --
Apr 20th Anfibio Tour is in Anaheim, USA --
Apr 19th Anfibio Tour is in San Diego, USA --
Apr 16th Anfibio Tour is in Guatemala City, Guatemala --
Apr 13th Anfibio Tour is in Mexico City, México --
Apr 12th Anfibio Tour is in Mexico City, México
Apr 11th Shakira gives a press conference in Mexico City, Mexico to talk about upcoming concerts
Apr 9th Anfibio Tour is in San Juan, Puerto Rico --
Apr 7th Anfibio Tour is in Bogotá, Colombia
Apr 7th Shakira gives a press conference in Santa Fe, Colombia
Apr 5th Anfibio Tour is in Maracaibo, Venezuela --
Apr 4th Anfibio Tour is in Valencia, Venezuela --
Apr 3rd Anfibio Tour is in Caracas, Venezuela
Apr 2nd Anfibio Tour is in Caracas, Venezuela
Apr 1st Shakira wins a Gardel Award (Argentina) --
Apr 1st Additional Anfibio Tour concerts in Argentina --
Mar 30th Anfibio Tour is in Santiago, Chile --
Mar 29th Shakira gives a press conference in Santiago, Chile, for her concert the next day
Mar 25th Anfibio Tour is in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Mar 25th Shakira meets Antonio De La Rua for the first time --
Mar 25th Shakira arrives in Argentina fter performing in Uruguay, and tans while being accompanied by her brother.
Mar 23rd Anfibio Tour is in Montevideo, Uruguay
Mar 21st Anfibio Tour is in Lima, Perú --
Mar 21st Shakira gives a press conference in Lima, Perú
Mar 19th Anfibio Tour is in Quito, Ecuador --
Mar 17th Anfibio Tour starts in Panama City, Panamá
Mar 3rd Shakira attends Emilio Estefan's birthday party at hotel Cardozo
Mar 1st Shakira is named Artist of the Month by Latin MTV --
Mar 1st Nokia commercial with Shakira on a motorcycle is released in Argentina
Feb 29th MTV Unplugged CD goes onsale in Latin America --
Feb 25th Shakira participates in a Nokia briefing and annouces the release of MTV Unplugged cd, Miami, FL
Feb 21st MTV Unplugged CD release --
Feb 1st Shakira is certified to be the third best selling latin singer in the US --
Feb 1st No Creo single is released in Latin America in its MTV Unplugged version --
Feb 1st Shakira signs contact with Calvin Klein label to participate in an ad campaign --
Feb 1st ¿Dónde Están Los Ladrones? is certified platinum in Turkey --
Jan 22nd Shakira Performs Ojos Así and Inevitable at La Movida del Verano Festival in Mar Del Plata, Argentina
Jan 3rd Premios Los Nuestro 1999 --