Date Links
Dec 19th Shakira performs on Gala de la Hispanidad
Nov 23rd Shakira wins a Globo Award for the Best Feminine Pop Album (Manhattan Center, NYC, USA) --
Nov 15th Shakira perfoms Ojos Así at Miss Colombia Contest in Cartagena
Nov 4th Shakira wins an Amigo Award as the Best Singer of 1999 in Madrid, Spain. She appeared with her new blond hair look
Oct 28th Oct 28 Shakira signs contract with Nokia Corporation. Nokia plans to sponsor her Anfibio Tour --
Oct 20th Shakira wins Ritmo Latino Music Awards as the Best Pop Singer and the Best Artist of the Year (Los Angeles, California) --
Oct 15th MTV aired MTV Unplugged: Behind Scenes with Shakira
Oct 12th Shakira gives a press conference to talk about her MTV Unplugged concert
Aug 25th Shakira performs on Al Fin De Semana
Aug 23rd Shakira presents her Unplugged Concert in Brazil
Aug 19th Shakira gives a press conference to announce her co-operation with Pepsi
Aug 17th Shakira performs in Mexico City --
Aug 12th Shakira starred in MTV Unplugged Concert at the Big Ballroom of Manhattan Center Studios, NYC, USA
Jul 3rd Shakira starred in El Festival Presidente, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where she appeared with her new redhead look
Jul 1st Shakira is escorted by bodyguards and police officers through La Gran Discoteca record store in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Approximately 1,000 fans had mobbed the store in an attempt to get an autograph.
Jun 24th Shakira appears at a press conference for the First Annual Latin Grammy Awards, held later that year
May 18th Shakira receives the Multiplatinum disc from Sony Music in New York --
May 13th Shakira wins a TV y Novelas Award as Artist of the Century
May 7th Shakira wins two Lo Nuestro Awards (Univisión channel) for the Best Pop Album of the Year and as the Best Pop Singer of the Year
May 5th Shakira participates in the Festival del Cinco de Mayo in Los Angeles, CA
Apr 24th Shakira wins a Latin Billboard Award for the Best Pop Album of the Year --
Apr 11th ALMA Awards in Pasadena
Apr 1st Shakira recieves Shock Award --
Mar 3rd Shakira wins an Eres Award as The Best Pop Singer of the Year
Mar 3rd Shakira presented her new CD Donde Estaran los Ladrones (Where Are the Thieves) produced by Gloria Estefan and also announced an upcoming tour through Brazil and South America.
Feb 25th Shakira takes part of Grammy awards ceremony.
Feb 24th Grammy afterparty in Conga Room
Feb 1st Shakira performs Ciega Sordomuda at Laura Bozo Show, Peru
Jan 28th Shakira performs Inevitable in English at Rosie O' Donnell show