Date Links
Oct 21st Shakira: The Remixes is released
Oct 10th Shakira performs before 30,000 fans at El Campin Staduim in Bogota. --
May 8th Shakira wins 2 Lo Nuestro Awards a The Best Female Singer of the Year and as The Pop and Balada Breakthrough of the Year
Apr 30th Shakira wins 3 Latin Billboard Awards for the Best Album of the Year [Pies Descalzos], for the Best Music Video [Un Poco De Amor] and as the Breakthrough of the Year 1996
Apr 13th Shakira performs at a concert in Miami, FL. --
Feb 19th Shakira is a special guest to the Viña Del Mar Festival
Jan 10th Shakira appears at the opening of the Joia restaurant in South Beach, Florida, USA. Other guests were Jennifer Lopez and Gloria Estefan.