Have you ever wondered what the meaning of the titles of Shakira's tours and CD's is? Here's a list of Shakira's explanations:

 Fijacion Oral 1 and Oral Fixation 2

"I always end up saying everything I think about." The concept also reaches beyond this, "The stage at which human beings are the most orally fixated is the first stage of our lives, which is the most elementary, the most instinctive, and the most primitive. I think I am still in that stage, especially at this moment because I feel the most in touch with that animalistic aspect within me."
-Shakira (08/05 Fijacion Oral Press Release)

"I consider myself a very oral person. I live through what I say, what I sing ... Also, the oral state has been - as it is for all of us humans - a vital way for me to discover the world ... Orally, you discover its multiple tastes and flavors, kisses ..."

So should folks take their minds out of the gutter?

"Or simply don't. Think whatever you want to think. It's a free nation," she laughs.
-Shakira (11/08/05 New York Post)

 Tour Of The Mongoose
"It's called the Tour of the Mongoose, and the mongoose is basically one of the few animals who can defeat the most venomous snakes with just one bite," she said. "And that's why I decided to name my tour that way, because I think that if we all have a little mongoose inside that can defeat the hatred and the resentment and the prejudice of everyday, we can probably win the battle."
-Shakira (01/17/03 MTV.com Shakira Explains Mongoose Mystery)
 Laundry Service
"Laundry Service." You see, she starts, she spent the past year on her two great passions, love and music, so it was like going through the laundry and getting full service, because she feels cleansed and renovated.
-Shakira (By Agustin Gurza of the LA Times)

Laundry Service -- so named, she says, because "I went through a stage when I felt cleansed, renewed, thanks to love and music, which are like soap and water"
-Shakira (Shakira Declares Her Territory - March 28, 2002)
 Tour Anfibio
She called her 2nd tour the Anfibio Tour because she moved like an amphibian in the water and a gazela on the land.
 Dónde Están los Ladrones?

The title of Shakira's DELL album refers to the theft of her luggage from an airport in Bogotá, Colombia. The suitcases contained the lyrics for her DELL CD. This happened a couple of months before she walked into the recording studio to begin recording that album. She had to remember all of those songs again. She said that this was dramatic and traumatic for her. Some of the songs she had written so long ago, but she remembered. (shakirathunder.com)