- Are you Shakira?
- Are you Antonio De la R˙a?
- Do you know Shakira?
- Can I contribute to the site?
- I tried to download stuff from your site but the password is wrong.
- Can I find your videos on mIRC?
- I have problems downloading a video!
- When I download a video, the speed is low.
- I can't seem to play m2v or vob files!
- I can't seem to play the low quality files!
- I downloaded a 'torrent' file. How to play?

Are you Shakira?

Are you Antonio De la R˙a?

Do you know Shakira?

Can I contribute to the site?
Everyone is always welcome to submit any news articles, videos, photos or audio by e-mailing someone in the contact section of the site. Please check to make sure that the item you’re submitting isn’t already at the site. If you have a suggestion or idea for the site, please contact us at shakiramedia@gmail.com.

I tried to download stuff from your site but the password is wrong.
The password and username should always work. You should cut and paste the username and password. That way you can be sure that you didn't type it in wrong. It's case sensitive. No caps. ShakiraMedia.com SHAKIRAMEDIA.COM and shakiramedia.com would all be different passwords. Make sure you donít have your caps on.

Can I find your videos on mIRC?
You can find almost any Shakira video on mIRC. Look in IRC network EFNet Shakira channel #shakira. That's the best Shakira channel on mIRC.  You might also want to look in #madonna #musikvideos #jenniferlopez #shakirararemedia #mvideozshare #vme #thalia. If you've never used mIRC before, here's a link to an mIRC tutorial: http://keith.austin3.users.btopenworld.com/mIRC/mIRCguide.html

I have problems downloading a video!
There are a few things that could cause this.

- You mis-typed the username or password. Try copy/pasting them, but make sure no blank-spaces are included!

- Your download-manager (i.e. DAP, LeechGet, Getright) has problems downloading the video. Try setting it to a 1-connection limit, or use the download function of your browser. (Right mouse click on the link, and click "Save target as").

- The video link is broken. If this is the case, make sure an "404 error" is the problem. All other error codes (or no code specified by your browser) are indicating something else. Please mail me if an 404-code occurs.

When I download a video the speed is low
Sometimes when the site is crowded with fans, the speed of your download can go down. Causing a longer wait for the video to finish.
To get a higher speed, you could try using an accelerator program. Examples are DAP or Leechget. Both free of charge / free to use.

I can't play .m2v or .vob files!
M2v and vob files are very high quality videofiles. They need a special 'codec' to play. We have a codec available for download, it can be found here.
After downloading, copy/extract all files from the zip-file to a place on your harddrive. Run 'MPEG-2.EXE', and click on 'install codec'.

Now you should be able to play all the m2v and vob files! (With any program you want: Windows Mediaplayer, Winamp, PowerDVD..and so on).

I can't play the Low Quality files!
The Low Quality videos are of the 'Flash' kind. You might need a special video player to play these files. There are two good players:
- VLC Media player
- FLV Player

When you use either one of those video players, the Low Quality files should play without a problem :-)

I downloaded a 'torrent' file, how to play?
A torrent file isn't an actual video that can be played. The file contains link-info, so your torrent-client can download the actual video. Shakiramedia.com offers some videos this way, to decrease bandwidth usuage. However, often a normal download-link is also available.

If you want to download a video using the 'torrent' file, here is an example on how to do so. Offcourse you can also use another torrent client that might be already installed on your system.

- Download Bittornado, a simple torrent client: http://www.bittornado.com/download.html, and install the program as usual. A new item in your "start menu" will appear:

Click the red-circled link, to start the torrent program. A window will popup where you can select the freshly downloaded 'torrent'-file:

After selecting the torrent file, a place where to save the video should be selected:

Now the download will begin:

And soon the video will be downloaded to your PC, ready to be watched :-)