Shakira performs Empire (Video) @ Billboard Music Awards 2014:
Watch the video here!
Posted on Apr 24th by Ramon
Shakira performs Empire (Video) @ Billboard Music Awards 2014:

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Post by Anonymous at Fri May 30th, 2014
Where are the updates!?!?!? Where is LA LA LA?

Post by Anonymous at Thu May 29th, 2014
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Post by Anonymous at Tue May 27th, 2014
you will not offer to download the video in high quality here at Media Shakira?

Post by Pink Shades at Wed May 21st, 2014
I've been hearing "Empire" on the radio... O_O And it's going up the charts.... "CRTFY" was a hit but will our baby Shaki have her 1st English Rock hit?!?! Yasssss!!!

Post by Epiiiiiiiiic!!!! at Tue May 20th, 2014
Best performance of the night!!!

Post by Anonymous at Tue May 20th, 2014
When did Shakifans get Queenie/biitchy? And when did they start acting like they know everything? Quit biitching or gtfu! This performance was EPIC!!!

Post by Anonymous at Mon May 19th, 2014
Well.... at least it was totally live this time.

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