Shakira is back in the spotlight with her new self-titled album!
Posted on Apr 24th by Ramon

Shakira is back in the spotlight with her new self-titled album! 

Her new 12-track album is available today – 
Download your copy on iTunes | Amazon | Google Play 

The album includes "Can’t Remember to Forget You" featuring Rihanna, "Empire" and first-class collaborations with MAGIC! and Blake Shelton

Want three bonus tracks? 

Get the Target CD edition in the U.S. for the exclusive tracks "La La La," "Chasing Shadows" and "That Way"! 

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Post by Anonymous at Sat April 19th, 2014
shaki tu look fantastico en tu precentacion de medicine,ese roojo furioso ,sigue poniendole color a tu vestuaro, te quieremos lore argentina

Post by Im so ready for her concert already!!! at Fri April 18th, 2014
Forget The Voice and go on tour already!!!! Lol

Post by Free Copy of CD at Sat April 12th, 2014
Giveeaway of free CD at

Post by Love the new album! at Thu April 3rd, 2014
I bought the deluxe edition & listened to it from beginning to end... And I LOVE IT!!! This is not a singles album. "Shakira" is about buying the whole album. By the last song... I was tearing up!!! So good!!!

Post by Can't Remember To Forget You at Thu April 3rd, 2014
Was CLEARLY the wrong single/video to start the new era with... I think it damaged Shakira's authenticity but as I recall from the Making of CRTFY... Shakira's manager had his signature of this. Tsk. Tsk. Also, the higher ups of her record label [..]

Post by Anonymous at Wed April 2nd, 2014
por siempre ,shakira te amamos y amamos tus trabajos tan variados ,lore argentina

Post by Anonymous at Tue April 1st, 2014
Tipico de shaki, tardar tanto tiempo en hacer un album y elejir 11 canciones ineditas que no valen la pena la espera. Mejor ya que se retire. No tiene ganas de sacar un buen album.

Post by Anonymous at Tue April 1st, 2014
This album sucks.

Post by Anonymous at Sun March 30th, 2014
I waited a long time for this album and im very dissapointed. I didnt liked it at all. Its boring and it doesnt feel like its Shakira. Soy su fan #1 pero estoy muy decepcionado, tanto tiempo para esto.

Post by Anonymous at Sun March 30th, 2014
shaki por ej ,como el vesturio de c,ant remember, besooooooootes lore

Post by Anonymous at Sat March 29th, 2014
shaki genial tu disco e iterpretacines en vivo,estas a unos peldaños de la cima ,un toque particular y algo mas colorido tu vestuario para completar, te adoro lore ,argentina

Post by So... Part 3 at Thu March 27th, 2014
Shakira's "Empire" will grow in America into China, Japan, England, India, the WHOLE WORLD!!! Come on Latinos Unidos!!! Come on Fans of Music!!! Come on Empires of the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's show them why America's music scene sucks! Hahahaha

Post by So... Part 2 at Thu March 27th, 2014
Little Monsters are only supporting Lady Flop and being typical Mean Monsters. This sucks. It should be about the music. Shakira's album is GREAT! I'm gonna start being like them and dissing the rest cause they're not the best. Hahahaha Shakira's " [..]

Post by So... at Thu March 27th, 2014
Beyonce fans won't buy Shakira's album cause she doesn't know English. Rihanna fans are mad cause Shakira passed her up on Facebook. Eminem fans wanna pass up Shakira on Facebook, too, so they're not budging either. Little Monsters are only supporti [..]

Post by Awesome Album!!!!!! at Wed March 26th, 2014
Selling out at Targets, too, I hear!!!!!!!!!!!!

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