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'Shakira Live and Off the Record' - Her First DVD

LOS ANGELES, CA - On March 30, 2004, Grammy-winning, acclaimed recording artist/songwriter/producer Shakira, who set the world on fire with her breakthrough English album debut Laundry Service will release Shakira Live and Off the Record (En Vivo y En Privado) a 2 1/2 hour DVD that includes 90 minutes of live concert footage and an insightful behind-the-scenes look one of the most interesting and unique figures in contemporary music. A companion audio CD of ten live recordings never before available will also be included in the package.

Socially conscious, multilingual and multi cultural, Shakira was followed by an international crew of filmmakers during her critically acclaimed Tour of the Mongoose. During stops in Paris, London, Madrid, Rome, New York, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Bogata and other cities around the world, the camera filmed Shakira back stage and during private moments catching an intimate look at her most important relationships: She writes a song with her band; she shares a kiss with her fiancé Antonio de la Rua, and she prays with her parents. During a segment filmed in Mexico, Antonio awakens her on Valentines' Day with a kiss and a surprise serenade by a group of Mariachi.

Fans will get their first listen to 'Shakira-speak', the songwriter's quirky and poetic expressions: 'We were fresh as carrots'; 'Why does something have to be right when it can be great?' 'Most of the things I say, I mean, but some things not so much.' 'I feel nostalgia for things I have never lived.'

In the course of the documentary, Shakira also discusses her thoughts about social responsibility and her personal commitment to helping the children of her war torn country, Colombia.

Another of Shakira's primary relationships is with her fans, and that connection is evident during the 90 minute concert that forms one of the most exciting elements of Shakira Live and Off the Record. By April 22, 2002, when the concert at the Sport Paleis Ahoy, in Rotterdam, Netherlands, was filmed, Shakira had been on tour for many months and was at the peak of her performing prowess. Enthusiasm from the fans and critics was unbounded: 'She's an exciting performer, bringing fresh brio and the sensuality of a young Bardot', wrote one reporter and 'she upped the ante for female pop divas', wrote another. The DVD gives viewers a front-row seat to the remarkable show, which balanced elements of beauty and spectacle with impeccable pacing, bravura performances, and a quality of showmanship that only the greats can deliver. Tour of the Mongoose was sponsored internationally by Pepsi and Reebok and presented by MTV in North America.

Shakira Live and Off the Record will include bonus footage, specialized web links and other elements not available elsewhere. The audio cd will include full recordings of the live performances featured on the CD, including some of Shakira's most successful such as 'Whenever, Wherever', and others not available on any album, such as 'Back in Black.'

Laundry Service was released in the U.S. and Latin America in November 2001 and rocketed to #2 on the charts in its first week of release in the U.S. and #l throughout Latin America. The album sold 12 million units wordwide, over 3.5 million in the U.S. alone, going multi-platinum in 20 countries including Canada, India, Australia Japan and much of Europe where she was the #1 Selling Artist of 2002, platinum in 12 countries and gold in 10 more. The singles 'Whenever Wherever/Suerte,' 'Underneath Your Clothes,' 'Objection,' and 'The One' all received major airplay worldwide and the distinctive videos became a staple on television everywhere. She has used her success to focus attention on the plight of poor children around the world through her Pies Descalzo (Bare Feet) Foundation and was recently named an Ambassador for UNICEF. Shakira is currently writing and recording her next album due in 2004.

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