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Shakira Sets New Box Office Record. Ticket sales over 2K in single day.

Shakira concert ticket sales broke our box office records. It was an amazing feat accomplished by amazing fans. You could see the excitement in every Shakira ticket holder as they left the box office window.

Shakira’s concert on 10/26 is going to be filled with loyal, adoring fans from all over the world eager to see her first concert in the Coachella Valley.

It was an usual sight for us to see. During the will call ticket pickup for our Chickenfoot concert the night before we saw some fans sitting in chairs next to the box office. They were waiting to camp out all night to be the first to buy Shakira tickets.

That was a Fantasy Springs first. We’ve had hundreds of big name music stars perform inside our special event center, but no fan has ever camped out the night before to wait in line to buy tickets for any of our previous concerts… until Shakira.

The over night campers were nice enough to let us ask some questions.

That was just a sign of what was to come the next day. Before the sun broke more fans began to line up. It was the longest box office line we’ve ever had, stretching more than 500 fans all waiting to buy tickets to Shakira in concert.

Fans were all excited and in high spirits. Some were spotted practicing the Waka Waka while others could be heard singing some of Shakira’s hits.

Tickets purchases came in records numbers over the phone and internet. When Adam Lambert set the single day box office record in January, 2010 our phones and website crashed several times throughout the day. We have since increased our phone lines and server capacity giving us the capability to handle increased volumes. And, it was a good thing too – because that day we set an all new box office record. Over 2000 tickets were sold.

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Posted at 09/28/2010. Original article can be found here.

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