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Shakira’s Sun Comes Out Tour results in a more colorful and fun concert

It’s true what Shakira says in her newest single: She is crazy, but I really do like it.

Wearing a pink wrap-around-like gown, Shakira popped up from an unexpected entrance and surprised her fans at the BankAtlantic center after her 4-year absence from South Florida.

Though Shakira was presented in Decemeber 2009 at the Y100 Jingle Ball Concert, she had never starred at the BankAtlantic Center. She was last seen in the American Airlines Arena in December 2006.

But this concert was nothing like the Oral Fixation Tour that took place then. It was much more colorful, entertaining and engaging.

As a Shakira fan, I tend to have pretty high expectations for the woman that I’ve been admiring for the last 14 years. That’s why I when I attended the Oral Fixation Tour, I walked out disappointed. I was expecting a concert as colorful as 2003′s Tour of the Mongoose.

Though The Sun Comes Out concert at BankAtlantic felt a little shorter than Oral Fixation, the set list was actually longer. She added three new songs to the mix, performing a total of 20 songs.

The intermissions felt a little shorter and much more entertaining.

She sang three songs from the forthcoming album, The Sun Comes Out, in addition to her favorite songs from her repertoire; the ones you can count on that she’ll always sing like, “Whenever, Wherever,” “Hips Don’t Lie,” and “Ojos Así.”

She even sang Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters,” though her singing rock is not shocking; she sang “Back in Black” and “Dude Looks Like a Lady” in the Tour of the Mongoose.

Shakira, as usual, took her sweet time in coming out to the stage. But this time around, there was no opening act and a few fans that were there since before 8 p.m. were a little frustrated.

Overall, the concert got an “A” where the Oral Fixation Tour received an “F” — interaction. She began by walking among the crowd and once on stage, she continued the interaction.

The T-shaped stage might have been the reason. She went from being very close to being not-so far.

But if you’re the kind of fan would rather see the concert from your seat, this concert is better suited for higher seats. From the floor, you could get really close, but there were plenty of visuals that I’m sure were better admired from above.

FYI, concert goers, she always does an encore. Don’t leave until the lights are up. She’ll pretend to leave. She’ll say goodbye. She’ll blow kisses and run to the back; but she always comes back.

Shakira brought in women from the crowd that danced with her on stage. Toward the end, winners of a radio station contest were able to dance with her during her final song.

Karol Calderon, of West Palm Beach, was one of the lucky fans that went on stage with her to dance.

The 16-year-old long-time fan couldn’t contain her excitement as she squealed from joy with her two other friends. The Sun Comes Out Tour was her first concert ever.

“I loved it,” she said as smiled. “I have loved Shakira since I was born. I’m just amazed at what she has accomplished.”

This was also the first time for Steven Klick, of North Miami Beach, who attended the Saturday Fort Lauderdale concert instead of Miami’s Monday concert to avoid work schedule conflicts.

“She sounded great because she puts 100% into it,” he said. “She’s very sweet with the audience. We loved how she entered.”

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