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Shakira Rocks the Pyramids of Giza (over 100,000 fans)

It was a new Goddess that moved the pyramids of Giza in Cairo two days ago ... Shakira sang, danced & mesmerized over 100.000 people at her concert on Wednesday.
She didn't only sing her songs, but she also surprised the audiences with an Arabic song, she chose to start her concert with Fairuz's song 'Atini Annay wa Ghanni' & she also belly danced to the song of the fabulous Um Kulthum 'Inta Omri'.
Shakira rocked the Pyramids with her famous songs La Tortura, Illegal, Estoy Aqui & Hips don't Lie among others.

On the day of the concert, Shakira got a special guided tour of the Pyramids with Dr. Zahi Hawwas. She was astonished & overwhelmed.
This was Shakira's 101 concert after which she flew directly to India to start preparing for her 102 concert of the tour.

Posted at 03/31/2007. Original article can be found here.

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