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Whenever, wherever.. (concert review)

By Kamakshi Gupta

Pop diva Shakira's date with Dubai turns out to be a mesmerising experience for her numerous fans

Dubai Lebanese-Colombian pop sensation, Shakira, set the stage on fire with a string of high-energy performances last evening as she performed for over two hours in front of a ‘live' audience of 25,000 fans at the Dubai Autodrome as part of her ‘Oral Fixation' world tour.

The diva made sure that her fans got to see enough of her as she swayed her hips and belted out some of her top English and Spanish hits.

Shakira began her performance by playing her guitar and singing one of her Spanish hits. She performed a mix of slow songs like Illegal and even some racy Spanish numbers, but the crowd went wild when she belly danced in true Shakira style, letting her hips do all the talking!

Addressing the crowd, the two-time Grammy Award and eight-time Latin Grammy Award-winning singer, said, 'For me, this is a very satisfying tour because this gives me an opportunity to get in touch with my Arabic roots of which I am really proud.'

Apparently, some women in the audience were more inspired by Shakira's washboard flat abdomen and her belly shaking skills, than her singing. For they stopped watching the concert and found some space to lie down flat on the floor to perform some ‘ab' exercises! How's that for inspiration!

Many in the audience even turned up in full blown curls and cheered for the pop diva.

If there was anything the crowd was waiting for it was Shakira's hit single, Hips Don't Lie. The lady ensured that she kept the best for last. She walked out saying ‘Shukran and goodbye', before appearing back on stage suddenly.

She broke into a belly dancing gig before finally singing her global hit, Hips Don't Lie. The surprised, but grateful audience, started chanting words from her song and soon went into a frenzy.

It was a night to remember!

Posted at 03/24/2007. Original article can be found here.

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