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Shakira to perform in Lebanon, Dubai

Columbian-Lebanese pop sensation Shakira will treat her massive fan base in Lebanon to her hips, that don't lie, in the near future.

shakira_coming_2_lebanon.jpgPerhaps the biggest treat will be that Shakira will not only perform in the Middle East for the first, time, but it will also be her first performance that incorporates Arabic along with the standard Spanish and English offering.

Shakira arrived in Dubai on Friday, four days prior to her first ever concert in the Middle East. The concert is part of Shakira's global 'Oral Fixation' tour.

Shakira, who is Colombian but also has Lebanese roots, greeted members of the press with a mixture of English, Spanish and even some Arabic.

"This is my first time in Dubai, I'm very excited. We're all very excited, me and the band," she said.

She was then presented with a welcome gift by officials, and escorted out of the arrival lounge.

Shakira's concert in Dubai is one of three concerts she is going to hold in the Arab world, with two more scheduled for Tunisia and Lebanon.

Shakira had previously scheduled a concert in Lebanon in 2003, but canceled due to the conflict in Iraq.

Sources: Ya Libnan, ITV

Posted at 03/24/2007. Original article can be found here.

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