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Shakira on tour in Dubai

As part of her tour around the world, Lebanese-Columbian singer Shakira will be holding a grand concert in Dubai on March 23, 2007. The concert will be held in Dubai Auto Dorm, which can take up 25 thousand people.

According to the London based Elaph, the performance will mark the first for Shakira in Dubai.

Tickets for the extravagant event will be sold during the month of February through the company Mirage Promotions, which is the official sponsor.

Shakira has witnessed significant success at the seventh annual Latin Grammy Music Awards 2006, where she won five awards. The awards were for ‘Song of the Year', ‘Album of the Year', ‘Best Female Pop Vocal Album', ‘Best Recording Package', and ‘Best Engineered Album.

Shakira has publicly defended Arabs during one of her television interviews and stressed that Arabs are not terrorist and should not be associated with them. She added that she is honored that she is of Arab decent and that only a small percentage of Arabs have violent qualities as is the case anywhere around the world.

Shakira made this statement last year on the CAC network and asserted that she always strives to show her pride in being half Arab and makes it a point to show it by the belly dances she performs in her concerts.

The singer clarified that there are a number of misconceived perceptions of Arabs and she feels it essential that the world understands that terrorism is not an Arab trait and violence cannot be generalized to include everyone in the Middle East.

Posted at 01/26/2007. Original article can be found here.

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