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Shakira wows them in Phoenix

Jorge Estupiñán Tiznado
Fall 2006

The first verbal contact that Shakira had with her fans came after she sang her second
song, 'Te Dejo Madrid,' at the US Airways Center in Phoenix, Arizona in August. She
said, 'Let's make a deal. I'm going to dance and sing and everything, but I just want one
little thing from you guys, just one little thing'Have Fun!'

Shakira, a Columbian whose name means 'woman full of grace,' honored that name
when performing on this stop of her Oral Fixation World Tour. She amazed thousands of
fans from the beginning to the end of the show because this singer is the show; she
does not require dancers or huge stage scenes. It is all about Shakira, the lights and the

The show started punctually at 7:30 p.m. with some musicians and unknown singers.
Then Wyclef Jean sang for about 30 minutes, creating a special feeling in the fans
waiting for Shakira. At five minutes before 9 p.m., the audience of nearly 20,000 created
arm waves, like the ones done in soccer stadiums, while shouting 'Shakira! Shakira!'

Then, the lights dimmed and the sexy Latin singer appeared to much applause and sang
her famous hit, 'Estoy Aquí,' an appropriate first song as it means, 'I'm here.' The songs
the audience most eagerly received were 'La Tortura,' a single that was Number One for
weeks on the most important world charts, 'Whenever, Wherever,' 'Ojos Así,' and her
worldwide hit which was also the official World Cup single, 'Hips Don't Lie.' All of these
songs required her sexiest moves and signature belly dance, and she created a different
scene for every song. The multi-nominated award singer also performed romantic songs
including 'No,' 'Obtener un Sí,' 'Underneath Your Clothes' and 'Antología.'

One thing that characterizes the Colombian singer is her simplicity, which she proved by
singing barefoot during the whole concert. She wore a black shirt and pants during the
first five songs. Before 'No,' she changed into a big red dress that she used to create
tornado images at the end of the song. Next, she wore a pink shirt and black pants and
finally delighted the audience with her famous belly dance outfit.

The excellent show of about an hour and 40 minutes consisted of 17 songs, a sampling
of the range of her career. She began with 'Pies Descalzos' from the Pies Descalzos
album and moved on to 'Si Te Vas' from Donde Están los Ladrones and 'Whenever,
Wherever' from Laundry Service. Finally, she did 'La Tortura' from Fijación Oral
and ended with 'Hips Don't Lie' from Oral Fixation. Of the 17 songs, 12 were in
Spanish and five were in English. There is no doubt that music breaks barriers, and the
crossover singer likes to break them.

Many fans from Sonora traveled about six hours to see her. Noé García of Hermosillo
said, 'The time and the money were well spent for a concert of that size. I had a really
good time. Shakira sings very well and moves excellently. I would definitely come to see
her again.'

This concert showed that for the international star 'simplicity is better' and that people
are drawn to a talent that does not need a huge stage production. Perhaps one day she
will perform in our city, like other Latino and Mexican singers do.

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Posted at 09/24/2006. Original article can be found here.

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