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Shakira shakes Toronto's hips

By: W. Andrew Powell on Aug 28, 06 @ 6:30 pm

Shakira along opening act Wyclef Jean hit Toronto with a bang last night for her Oral Fixation tour, which packed in a nearly sold-out audience at the Air Canada Centre. Amidst the mix of new and older songs she shook her hips, posed for the cameras, and generally wowed the audience from the moment she stepped on the stage.

Providing a strong opening for Shakira, Wyclef Jean didn't allow anyone a chance to sit in their seats, going so far as to climb into the stands and dance with one woman who happened to be seated at the start of his set. But Wyclef didn't need antics to get people moving - the second he started into one of his songs the audience was singing along, and dancing too.

The crowd was obviously there for Shakira though and many fans came prepared with Colombian flags to honour her and show a little patriotism.

Fans might also be interested to know that Shakira's performance was filmed and recorded, possibly for a live DVD. Situated front-and-centre the main camera caught all of Shakira's antics, including some gyrating that definitely was aimed squarely at the lens, rather than the audience.

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Posted at 08/31/2006. Original article can be found here.

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